Presently in 2022 God is keeping us 🙏🏽💕 I pray everyone is doing awesome. Stay motivated and prayerful. I’m praying for you and your family ❤️😊‼️

My Son, My Daughters…

No other can compare.
I see myself in you
when I was once your age.
If only I could protect you
from the hurt and pain
that comes with living.
With every passing minute
do know that it’s within hurt and pain
your strength, patience and character
becomes fortified as a mighty tower.
My hidden desire is to always be
there to lead, guide and protect.
But if this one wish was granted,
how would you ever truly grow.
One thing is for sure my prayers
will always be surrounding you.
My prayers will summons a host of angels
to always be by your side.
May they be present to harken to your every call.
May grace, love, joy, peace,
protection, provision, and happiness
be yours always.
May they chase you down.
May God always grant you supernatural favor.
May Goodness and mercy follow you all
the days of your life and may you
dwell in the house of the Lord.. Amen.

Jeanette Telusma

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A Passion to Live

To be counted amongst the living is a blessing.
To be amongst the living gives you one more chance to be…
It’s another chance to bring that dream into existence.
That dream is worth pursuing.
Pursue it as though there is only today.
Yes, there is today because yesterday is gone.
Yesterday is gone therefore today is in the present.
The present is what you should pursue.
You should pursue it as if it was your last.
Make it count and leave a lasting legacy behind.
A lasting legacy that tells the world
You possess a passion to live.

Jeanette Telusma