A Vision

A while ago.
I saw myself dancing
In a large open space with
Blue skies above.
All dressed in white.
I heard such beautiful sounds.
With such grace and happiness
I kept dancing.
As if before my King.
All in a vision.

Jeanette Telusma

Photo by Fillipe Gomes on Pexels.com


It takes you deep into the rhythm of the atmosphere.
It twirls you around, around and around.
Dance calms the wildest beast.
It creates an atmosphere of desired change.
It can be compared to a dream.
Just listen attentively to the different instruments.
Listen to the words that could be transforming.
Watch how emotions change with such enthusiasm.
Dance takes you places you’ve never been.
Your body envelopes it’s presence.
Dance brings freedom to the dancer.
Every cord flows with unexplained rhythm.
Every move flows with the rhythm.
Dance brings out the best in you.
It dispels anything that carries weight.
Dance as if no one is watching.

Jeanette Telusma

Totally Refreshing

Letting go feels so good.
It’s refreshing as a new day dawn.
Breathing never felt better.
No longer a prisoner.
It’s totally refreshing.
It feels like walking on air.
Yes, it’s total liberation.
Life can be seen from…
A clearer prospective.
No longer distorted.
Free to be, free to live.
Free dance, free to love.
Now go on and Bloom……..

Jeanette Telusma

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com