Stay Focused

“Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.”

― Eckhart Tolle

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Determination is
As lovely as carnations.
It is the foundation
Of succession.
Avoid dehydration
Which could cause negation.
Steer clear of stagnation
It could cause a forced vacation.
Compensation upon arrival of the finish line
Should be the only thought in mind.
It is great aspiration that drives one there.

Jeanette Telusma

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Thursday, December 24th Christmas Eve ðŸŽ„

Good morning and Happy Christmas Eve my friends!

I pray all is well with you and all those around you. Make this week count by intentionally placing a Smile on someone’s face. It’s not the size of what you bring that counts but the intent (the thought) that counts. Be a bearer of great tidings I pray 🙏🏽

You shall reap a bountiful Harvest, I promise ❤

A Cold Christmas

Supposedly, Christmas ought to be cold.
Certainly not in my neck of the woods.
A few years back we visited New York.
We were determined to experience a cold Christmas.
Well, we got there and enjoyed the atmosphere
In a very familiar way.
It was cold but not Snow cold.
We were in search of a cold Christmas.
We were in search of Snow.
This strange question popped in my mind.
Were we destined to experience Snow?
Could it be that we were only built for tropical weather?
Things that make you go hmmmm…..

Jeanette Telusma

Happy Holidays <3

Good morning loved ones, you’re in my thoughts and prayer during this Holiday Season. You are not alone. Sending godly hugs to you in Jesus Name. Smile, it does a world of Good. God bless you now and always!!!!!!!

Best Reagrds,



I woke up this morning with a planned thought in mind:
Visit the beach to watch the sun rise beyond the horizon.
I did ❤️
It was breathtakingly beautiful as usual.
Despite this fact the sun was surrounded by clouds.
A little thought in my mind wanted to drift away with me
(focus on the clouds)
I almost wanted to turn my gazed towards the clouds.
Appreciatively I refocused my attention on the sun.
It was imperative that I stayed in touch with why was I there.
I was there to see the sunrise.
Oh my was the sight so magnificent. My mind sifted.
I stood in awe gazing at it and got lost in time just taking
Photos as it progressively rose higher and higher.
This was truly a sight to behold.
In spite of the clouds it rose so gracefully.
The atmosphere was tranquil!
There were people of the same mindset sitting around, some with children, others walking by, and of course there were some in the water…
The birds were flying by without a care in the world.
I felt liberated. I felt at peace. I felt the presence of God!
I felt compelled to do several sets of stretches.
It felt great being out by the beach watching the sunrise
Connecting with nature is non comparable to anything
I could think of at the moment 🤔
Peace and Liberation at its best!