Nature, As I See It

Nature, As I See It

Lovely is nature.
Magnificent is the Creator.
Nature could never be replicated.
The smell of crisp air is so inviting.
Nature calls, come on out and enjoy.
The sounds of countless birds chirping in harmony,
brings pleasure to the hearer.
Nature smiles through the face of a little child.
It touches the soul through the hands of one up in age.
The heavens proclaim it’s own splendor.

Lovely is nature.
Worthy of praise is the Creator.
It stands alone, unique by far.
The variety of colors all around is such a sight.
Whispers of the wind sways back and forth,
brushing against the trees above.
Being part of such an atmosphere brings
rejuvenation to the soul, it causes passion to arise.
With passion we’re driven to pursue purpose.
Lovely is nature through my eyes.

Jeanette Telusma Herbert



My Mother

I am one of those girls that could say, 
my mom is the best mom ever.
She accepted me, all of me.
Though she was not a scholar she was my greatest fan.
English was not her language but, 
She did not let that stop her from 
communicating with my teachers.
Faithful was she, day in and day out, 
teaching me what a positive role model looked like.
I am now a mother and I use her examples
many times to see me through.
When I share stories of my mom and I, 
they stop to listen to gain something from it.
My mom, such a selfless lady.
She gave of herself time and time again.
Her last she would not withhold.
Normally, she would say, you first my darling.
I would do as she said because she said so.
Now there is distance between us but, 
we call each other quite often and
never end a call without an ‘I love you’ 

Jeanette Telusma Herbert