My teaching mode this season


Another Milestone Accomplished


A journey I began in January of 2010 finally came to an end on December, 2013.

My life long dream of becoming a teacher has now¬†become a¬†reality. This accomplishment did not come without it’s ups and downs.

I forfeited many nights of needed sleep preparing research papers, lesson plans, group and individual projects, and presentations just to name a few of the critical assignments that were required in order to pass my classes.

I entered every classroom with the determination not to quit. Having such a strong desire to know and learn more I took one year worth of classes that had nothing to do with my intended goal.

I took classes such as Criminology, Sociology, Appreciation of Theatre, Anthropology and I could go a little further.

Although these classes were not¬†required I left with a world of knowledge. Even though there wasn’t an immediate need for such¬†I believe every course taken will eventually come in handy some day.

I found myself encouraging fellow students many times by letting them know they were able to do anything they put their minds to.

I painted a picture of their desired accomplishment yet to be achieved which in turn propelled them to keep moving forward.

I gave up some movie nights, occasional dinners at restaurants, walks along side the beach etc… Now that walking across that platform on graduation day has come and gone I look back and¬†say to myself……

It was worth it all. I’m happy that my inner desire¬†was much stronger than momentary wants.¬†My¬†aspirations is¬†pushing me¬†to another level of milestone.

I know I could do¬†“all things” through Christ that strengthens me.