I Believe the Children are the Future

Group of Friends Smiling

      As a mom, a supporter, and a friend,

 I envision the future in the eyes of my children.

When I look into their little eyes I see the entire world.

Children need all the love and support they could get from everyone around them.

They have a mandate to be leaders of tomorrow whether they choose to or not.

Many may ask, “what is a leader…

This very question may be answered by the wrong person.

If they are the future of tomorrow we must bring this to their awareness.

As an educator, I choose to be a positive role model to my children and those I teach.

Inspiring them to be leaders “now” will prepare them for our future.

With awesome leaders of tomorrow we as adults could rest assured

that we will be in good hands because they will become capable,

responsible and determined citizens of the world.

Therefore, seeing them as leaders of our future

summons us to do what’s positive now.

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