“You Can Do It”

Therefore, go forth and give it all you got…

I Believe the Children are the Future

Group of Friends Smiling

      As a mom, a supporter, and a friend,

 I envision the future in the eyes of my children.

When I look into their little eyes I see the entire world.

Children need all the love and support they could get from everyone around them.

They have a mandate to be leaders of tomorrow whether they choose to or not.

Many may ask, “what is a leader…

This very question may be answered by the wrong person.

If they are the future of tomorrow we must bring this to their awareness.

As an educator, I choose to be a positive role model to my children and those I teach.

Inspiring them to be leaders “now” will prepare them for our future.

With awesome leaders of tomorrow we as adults could rest assured

that we will be in good hands because they will become capable,

responsible and determined citizens of the world.

Therefore, seeing them as leaders of our future

summons us to do what’s positive now.

Celebrating Earth Day 2014

Celebrating Earth Day 2014

To appreciate the earth is a must and more so we must appreciate the Creator of the earth and the world at large. Let’s become more aware of our contribution for its betterment. Happy Earth day friends.



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The Contemplative Mammoth

Image via Wikimedia Commons. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Conservation paleoecologist Jacquelyn Gill is interested in how landscapes change through space and time. You might recognize her blog, The Contemplative Mammoth, from reading her recent piece on “just-so stories”  — the entertaining (yet factually inaccurate) tales that people tell to explain the natural world. We enjoy Jacquelyn’s thoughtful narratives and discussions on a variety of topics, from the timescales of climate change to failed plant sex. Her writing is intelligent and accessible — a great mix to keep readers engaged.


On Milkwood, a family in Mudgee, a town in New South Wales, Australia, chronicles life on a farm and shares homesteading resources for both urban and rural living. You’ll read about best practices on everything from natural beekeeping to permaculture design to vegetable gardening.

Image by Milkwood. Magic beans! Image by Milkwood.

If springtime inspires you to go outside and get your hands…

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National Poetry Month: How These 5 Poets Stand Out

National Poetry Month: How These 5 Poets Stand Out.

What is Poetry?

It is literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm; poems collectively or as a genre of literature…

Whenever I visit one of the five poets mentioned I leave their blog feeling awesome. I would drop what I’m doing any day, anytime simply to read a refreshing poem. I visited the other 4 poets and I must say they are great at what they do. Happy Poetry Month: Maxima, The Boi Poet, LScott Poetry, Sean Bidd, and Brighter Poetics.