Make a Decision and Take Action

Life offers us time to reflect.
It gives us that needed moment to
look within ourselves and self assess.

Sometimes what we see is exactly
what the doctor ordered.
We realize that it’s time to
Make a decision…

*Getting up and dusting ourselves
*Allowing love to invade our space
*Getting that new job
*Taking that course to self improve
*Going on that vacation
*Visiting the sick
*Feeding the homeless
*Welcome new neighbors
*Moving into that new home
*Getting that degree
*Having lunch with a friend
*Calling up a friend from back in the days
*Committing or recommitting to God

*******Make a Decision*******


7 Replies to “Make a Decision and Take Action”

  1. Hey Netty, Sorry for responding here, but this was the only place I could seem to put a link. Wanted to let you know about the IFT traffic videos and that you can promote them yourself if you become an affiliate (reseller license required) and get the inside scoop on price points and other bonuses.

    I will list the place to get started in my information website of my contact info and you can let me know if you have questions or need help getting up and running.

    I am excited to go through this course once Monday hits…I have actually owned it since they launched back in January, but it was not produced yet, so I am ready to get cracking at it myself.

    Thanks and I look forward to helping you out any way I can.

    Dave Gardner


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