Life is Rosy

Pink as a rose is life in which I live in.
I’m surrounded by beautiful nature.
I bring recognition to The Creator of all others.
Life would be otherwise had it not been for Him.
As I look upon a rose I see His face.
The smell of fresh air reminds me of His fragrance.
I am blessed to be among the living.
Making every day count is my personal endeavor.
I can’t help but see the bright side in all things.
As I sow profitable seeds I expect a profitable return.
My words create my world whether good or bad.
Life is as I see it, Pink as a rose.

By Jeanette Telusma-Herbert

Nature, As I See It

Nature, As I See It

Lovely is nature.
Magnificent is the Creator.
Nature could never be replicated.
The smell of crisp air is so inviting.
Nature calls, come on out and enjoy.
The sounds of countless birds chirping in harmony,
brings pleasure to the hearer.
Nature smiles through the face of a little child.
It touches the soul through the hands of one up in age.
The heavens proclaim it’s own splendor.

Lovely is nature.
Worthy of praise is the Creator.
It stands alone, unique by far.
The variety of colors all around is such a sight.
Whispers of the wind sways back and forth,
brushing against the trees above.
Being part of such an atmosphere brings
rejuvenation to the soul, it causes passion to arise.
With passion we’re driven to pursue purpose.
Lovely is nature through my eyes.

Jeanette Telusma Herbert